Home Backup Generator Maintenance Service

Residential Standby Generator Maintenance SERVICE IN OTTAWA & NEARBY

Is your home’s standby generator able to handle the next power outage? Regular maintenance by Powers Servicing will give you peace of mind that it is. With services such as oil changes, air and oil filter replacements, and thorough cleaning of your unit, we make sure your generator is reliable, efficient, and ready to go when you need it most.


Types of Whole-Home Standby Generators We Maintain
Powers Servicing can repair all brands, models, and years of residential backup generators. Though we primarily handle units powered by propane or natural gas, we make sure that no matter your generator’s specifics, we can get it back up and running. We most frequently service Generac, Generlink, and Champion generators. We do not service portable generators.


Maintenance Services

Here’s what you can expect when you have PowersServicing maintain your generator:

  • Comprehensive inspections. We check every component to catch signs of wear or potential issues before they become major problems.
  • Fuel Management. Proper fuel levels and clean fuel are critical for generators to function reliably. We handle these aspects to prevent common issues like stale fuel or incorrect fuel levels.
  • Electrical Health. We confirm that the battery is fully charged and all electrical connections are secure, enabling your generator to start without a hitch every time.
  • Component replacement. From filters to spark plugs, we replace any worn parts to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your generator. You can rest easy knowing that no maintenance tasks fall on you. PowersServicing takes complete responsibility for all maintenance activities, including those typically handled by the generator owner such as oil changes, air and oil filter changes, and cleaning inside the unit.


When to Service Your Generator

Generac units notify you with an amber yellow indicator light or a Wi-Fi notification when it’s time for service. For other brands, service is based on operational hours or should be performed annually. We monitor these indicators to make sure your generator is always in top condition.


Service Contract Options

We have flexible service contracts. A one-year contract is priced at $275, while multi-year contracts (up to a maximum of five years) are available at a discounted rate of $250 per year, payable in full at the time of contract signing.


Guarantee Your Peace of Mind with Regular Maintenance

Without a working backup generator, the functioning of your home is in the hands of utility companies, the weather, and accidental power outages. A generator is more than a machine—it represents putting control of your day back in your hands.

At PowersServicing, we know the importance of a reliable generator that operates smoothly and efficiently. Our maintenance service is designed to prevent disruptions, so your home remains powered during outages.

Let us keep your generator running perfectly. Connect with us today to give your future self the gift of heat and light from a well-maintained backup generator.

Experience Powers Excellence

Ready to safeguard your power supply with unmatched expertise? Contact Powers Servicing today and experience a blend of innovation, reliability, and unparalleled service in generator repair in Ottawa. Your power security is just a call away.