Champion Backup Generator Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Service in Ottawa

Champion Generator Service in Ottawa & Nearby

We service and install 8.5KW-22KW Champion whole-home backup generators. We most commonly work on the 14KW and 22KW models.  When a Champion generator doesn’t start or run reliably, almost always it’s due to a simple lack of regular maintenance.


What sizes (kWh) of Champion backup generators do you recommend?

It depends on your situation.  Factors to consider include: the size of your home, appliances and amenities, and what you want the generator for.  Do you want it to power your entire home as though there is no outage, or power only basics, such as fridges/freezers and a couple lights?


Champion specializes in residential backup generators.  The company does not manufacture commercial generators.


How often does a Generac need servicing?

In the first year of owning your Champion generator, you should get it serviced after the first 25 hours of running. After that, we recommend an oil change and additional minor tweaks annually or at 100 engine hours, whichever comes first.


Why we like Champion backup generators 

Champion is a nice affordable option. Like Generac, Champion makes its units in the USA, but at a somewhat lower price point. They are a great option for homeowners who need reliable backup power without add-ons (e.g. remote wi-fi monitoring.


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